Our goal is to bring viewers a cinema and quality,

with particular attention to European and American, but without ruling out other nationalities that could provide the required quality in our bid.

We dedicate our business to the distribution and marketing of audiovisual content across all media: cinema, television, Internet, VOD, mobile and other current and future channels.

Latest productions
  • Mothers of Moon is a tale, a fable and a symbol. Four stories in one. The legacy of all the forgotten women. The voice of the ones who suffer. Also, it is the scream of a Moon that grows inside and, as a little child, innocent, shows us the things...
  • Shooting 2017.          
  • It is about life, from the spark of creation to the emptiness of death and the void that is generated as we exit this life. The project title, ´Exhalacion´, is drawn from our first breath as we enter this world and then reversed in those last moments of life, as...
  • Manuel's wife commits suicide. This is the trigger for a progressive mental and physical degeneration of her elderly husband. Mario, his son, decides to take him to live with his family, despite the opposition of his wife. Naia, her teenage granddaughter is the one who trusts him. Dementia of the...
  • Arianne is a divorced mother living with the idea that one day her husband will take away her baby. At a birthday party meets Leonor, an elderly woman who tells him to see a man of terrifying aspect attached to his back. Upon arriving home, suggestion, fear and his inner...
  • "Yerbabuena is about loneliness, which is a subject that I really wanted to capture in any of my work. The shoot was wonderful, with the backing and support of the Montreux producer since it had a technical and artistic team that was involved in the project from the start. I...

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