Montreux and Mordisco Films Entertainment produce Madres de Luna.dibujo_madresdeluna_02

Mothers Moon is a story, a fable and a symbol. It is a story that makes four. It is the legacy of all women forgotten. It is the voice of those who suffer most. It is the testimony of the moon sees everything from above and powerless. And it is also the cry of a moon that is brewing in and showing us what we are not always willing to see from his eyes as a child, innocent. Madres de Luna is a hymn to the sacred feminine. A lament and a flash. It is a dance between life and death, joy and tragedy. Madres de Luna is a story made of stories. A life that is four. These stories are intertwined in a perfect circle in which we are all connected.

To have this, there will be several male characters played by the same actor. This symbolizes that we are all one witness, a same eyes looking at the tragedy and of one anonymous hands that cause involuntarily silence. Instead, the mothers of the story itself will be different actresses, to give them personality, face and presence to all those women forgotten. Our clear reference in this regard is the film Cloud Atlas, Tom Tykwer and Lana and Andy Wachowski, in which the actors constantly repeated characters from many sources to tell us that fusion of humanity.


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