The Elderly
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Rodaje / Shooting 2017

Lena is distrustful of her father-in-law and his wife’s suicide, and after bumping heads with him a number of times, she manages to make Mario investigate his father’s strange behavior. Since Manuel moved in, their apartment appears to be haunted. The old man is becoming very unhinged and his health starts to deteriorate.

One night, as the family is having dinner, Manuel calmly warns that 48 hours from then, on the Saturday night, he will kill them all, compelled by the voices he hears coming from a portable radio

device. A very upset Lena demands that Mario kicks is old father out. Mario tries reasoning with the man, takes him to his room, but Manuel explains that they are coming, that they are going to change the world for the better with the help of the elderly and a bunch of young people they have already turned into their helpers. The family household will deteriorate as Lena becomes more and

more obsessed with kicking out her father-in-law, with Manuel becoming more and more sick and deranged and Mario trying to find a peaceful solution for the whole situation. When saturday night finally comes, a bright lightning strikes the neighborhood causing a massive blackout and so it begins… They are here.





  • Dirección:
    Raúl Cerezo/
  • Productor:
    Pedro de la Escalera/
  • Guión:
    Raul Cerezo./ Javier Trigales/
  • Producción Ejecutiva:
    Helion Grande / Belen Estevas /
  • Producido por:
    Montreux Entertainment/
image character
Hovik Keuchkerian
Propuesta de casting, sin confirmar
image character
José Sacristan
Propuesta de casting, sin confirmar
image character
Maribel Verdú
Propuesta de casting, sin confirmar
image character
Miguel Herranz
Propuesta de casting, sin confirmar

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