Montreux Entertainment, is a Santander based film production and distribution company, focused in all stages of the filmmaking process, from financing, production, coproduction to distribution in all windows.

Our goal is to unite with other International film production and distribution companies, film financiers, and philanthropists to help create powerful motion pictures and bring them to as wide an audience as possible, ensuring unique films and documentaries for mainstream audiences.

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Pedro de la Escalera
有廣泛的娛樂產業製作經驗,曾在Polygram擔任行銷總監,負責電影的發行, 如《四個婚禮一個葬禮》和《邊緣日記》,合作過的國際藝人多達兩百位,包括 U2、邦喬飛、艾爾頓莊等。其後擔任迪士尼西班牙和葡萄牙總監,離職後成立了 自己的製片公司.
Belen Estevas-Guillmain
Artistic Team
Al Díaz

Alberto Diaz Lopez (Vault, 1984) graduated in Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (2002-2007), he continued his training with a European Masters in Film Studies (2010). Passionate about film theory and poetic discourse in general, has always combined his academic work with the professional world of image and sound. He has made various audiovisual works that has generally carried out simultaneous tasks script, implementation and post-production with producer lucense Mordisco Films which he owns. Currently he is co-founder of boutique shorts distributor yaq and technical-artistic director of the yaq and Cortopatía festivals. He was also promoter of the festival Cortópolis. Altogether it has organized more than 40 editions of festivals in recent years. It is also making the production of his latest short film, Outbreath with producer Montreux Entertainmente and Cherrywood Company. His credits as director and producer adds more than 600 selections and 125 international awards. He has enjoyed as an artist in residence of one of the most important national contemporary art scholarship at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome for the creation of a documentary essay title Lembranza of.

Estefanía Cortés

Graduated in cinema direction and TV realization by the Seventh Ars School of Madrid and trained in dramatic art in schools like Cristina Rota and the NIC. He has worked in the production and management departments for different TV shows and products such as “Captain Q” from TVE or MusikornerTV. In addition to being assistant director in more than one decoration of shorts and in the feature film “The days not lived” co-produced by Canal +. In theater, has directed “Petra” adaptation of “The bitter tears of Petra Von Kant” of Fassbinder, represented with success of public and critic in the house of the Doorman, and “The Eye of the Needle”, in poster during six months At the Flea Pension. As a film director he has written and directed the webserie “El Click” (2012) and short films “Moiré” (2014), starring Inma Cuesta, selected in more than eighty festivals and winner of more than quince international awards, “Yerbabuena” (2016), starring Ingrid Rubio and Olivia Delcan premiered at the Zaragoza Film Festival and “Miss Wamba” (2016), which began its tour of festivals in 2017. Currently she is immersed in the pre-production of her first feature film “EDÉN”.

Jon Mikel Caballero

Studied a Audiovisual Comunication degree in University of Navarra (2007). After that, he moved to Barcelona to study a Master in Directing Films (Escac 2009).

He started to work in features such as Bruc (2010), Eva (2011) as personal assistant to the director and The Impossible (2012) as assistant for J.A. Bayona and also as director for the making of documentary.

He premiered his first high budget short film Hibernation (2012), with which more than 20 awards and presence in more than 110 festivals.

In 2013 he founded Trepamuros Producciones to shot music videos, commercials and making ofs for big brands like Seat, Audi or Unilever.

In 2015 he directed his second short film, Ashen (2016), and also participated in A Monster Calls (2016) the new film by J.A. Bayona. He is currently developing his first feature film The Incredible Shrinking WKND (2018).


Albares Alicia was born in Madrid in July 1984. From early on was an avid reader and soon began writing. His forays into the literary world reported him numerous awards. That was how he discovered his passion for telling stories and that these were translated into images. The film became his goal and also at your destination. He studied Audiovisual Communication at the Complutense University of Madrid, as he began to write his own projects. Overturned professional and vocationally in the world of cinema, he has worked in many films, so, despite his youth, already has extensive experience and a deep understanding of the film medium.

In 2013, he directed, wrote and produced his first short film The Other Side, an amazing story full of magic and mystery, which has hoarded more than 20 awards and 140 selections in festivals in Spain and throughout the world. Currently, he is preparing his second short film, where fall leaves, starring Maria Miguel, Carlos Alvarez-Novoa and Jesus Castejon. It is also working on a feature film script based on the short of the other side. If there is anything that defines Alicia Albares is the fact of being a seeker of chimeras, a true creator, a young woman who knows that her stories have much to offer. And he hopes to make them known and shared by others.

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